Automation & Testing Services

We have capability to calibrate all kind of temperature related instruments from 20c to 1200c,

The latest technology for the automation of infrared thermometer with black body is our specialty. We simulate the electrical equivalent for the temperature indicators in collaboration with the electrical lab. We offer high quality automation for pressure measuring instruments such a pressure gauges, transmitters, switches etc., with precise reference level equipment which is traceable to national/international standards in the wide range and precise range.

Gauge blocks set for automation of all kinds of dimensional instruments capability to calibrate wide variety of dimensional instruments like Vernier caliper, micrometer, dial gauges, height gauges, bore gauges, granite surface plates, pin gauges, master level and spirit level etc.

Latest technology multi product calibrators which are capable of calibrating wide variety of instruments in – house such as multi meters, earth testers, clamp meters etc. and on site such as welding machine and electrical meters. Traceable automation of oscilloscope and simulation in temperature parameters is most advanced steps in our electrical lab.